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About Us
     Yiwu Realteam import and export co., LTD is approved by the ministry of foreign trade of the People's Republic of China established "professional freight forwarding enterprise", is also the general administration of customs approved the imp
The Nile River shipping
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Scope of services
Yiwu Realteam import and export co., LTD is a professional agent import and export company, we offer the professional import and export agents, procurement, warehousing, international shipping, air transport agent, commodity inspection, translation, visa extension service. My company and each ship companies have good relations, such as maersk, the Nile river shipping, France's cma CGM, taiping, modern, Yang Ming, etc. Advantage routes to Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

Service advantage
Realteam import and export transportation project diversification, comprehensive, and can meet the needs of different customers.
International express, air transport, shipping, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance, logistics management, and various consulting services, etc from soup to nuts, I division with major shipping companies have good relations of cooperation, can get the best contract price, the advantages of routes to the us and Canada, the Middle East and African countries. Provide customers with faster, more reliable logistics services.

The network advantage
Realteam import and export for many years, constantly expanding network coverage, and the strict selecting good credibility and sound financial capabilities, business partners, in baidu, alibaba, chengdu logistics network of well-known logistics website has a good reputation, to meet customer's need for global freight service, in order to safeguard the interests of the customer.

Routes advantage
After years of business development process, new measures and logistics channels at home and abroad have established good relations of cooperation, according to the characteristics of the customers goods, provide the freight rate, shift, choice of voyage, the port of destination and other full-service, to meet the needs of different customers. And with many famous international shipping company (ZIM, CSCL, OOCL, MSC, SYMS, WHL,...) Signed preferential freight contract

Equipment advantages
To constantly improve the service quality and management efficiency, the new measures of making full use of modern equipment and management methods, advanced computerized equipment operation, in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy.

Air transportation advantages
Realteam import and export since its inception, has been in the industry establish a good business reputation, cooperate for many years with DHL, UPS, FEXES, TNT, EMS and major airlines established close long-term relations of cooperation, to provide customers with high quality and efficient shipping services.

Warehouse advantage
Warehouse is located in yiwu, yiwu, the largest port, we have a large warehouse and suitable for carton pack ark convenience warehouse, warehouse personnel and equipped with professional, 24-hour service, ensure the safety of the goods. Convenient customer order delivery the goods, and at the same time can hold 12 tall ark and eight small ark, warehouse management standardization, install a video surveillance system, greatly improve the efficiency of supervision, to ensure the safety of the customer of goods.

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